Best security practices

How To Securely Program in Java in 2020

In this article, we’ll take a look at five principles that should be followed when coding in Java in 2020. Ideally, these principles should be integrated into a DevSecOps process, in which security is built into development from the ground up, but they are equally useful for auditing legacy code.

SDL + SDLC = Secure SDLC

Proactive security engineering

Secure Software Development Lifecycle (Secure SDLC) is a key focus area for product engineering organizations. Adopting security as a part of the development process to reduce the risk of vulnerabilities and threats, leads to reduced security incidents and damages. This article presents an uncomplicated view of Secure SDLC for practitioners – Engineering leaders, Product Managers, and Process Leads.

Security starts early

The view of quantum threats – from the front lines

Quantum computing might initially sound like a far-fetched futuristic idea, but companies such as Amazon, Google, and IBM are putting their weight behind it and preparations have begun. With quantum computing potentially within our reach, what will happen to our current security models and modern-day encryption? See what security experts are doing to prepare for quantum threats.

Evolving security threats

Cybersecurity trends for 2020

Keeping your data and identity secure is more important than ever in 2020, and as tech evolves, it has also become more complicated than ever. How will cybersecurity evolve? Phishing isn’t just limited to email anymore, and your car’s built-in tech might become the source of data theft. Keep yourself secure and learn about what security experts think is yet to come.

Responding to cyberthreats

Modern Warfare: Cybersecurity on the Battlefield

Cybersecurity doesn’t just apply to your personal devices, it also is one of the biggest roles in modern warfare and cannot be ignored. Cyberwarfare is far from a theoretical threat. History has shown that the value of gaining access to privileged information and disrupting systems for political gain is more than enough motive to generate action from independent hacktivists, nation-states, and private organizations.

Foundations of security

Is blockchain the solution to internet insecurity? These two projects say yes.

The Internet was originally built without concerns for privacy, especially not the complicated security features required by today’s standards. It’s far too late to redesign the entire Internet, however, two blockchain projects offer potential security solutions. Blockchain’s capabilities of serving as a decentralized payment system could be the secret for the future of internet security.

Putting the "Sec" in DevSecOps – Part 2

DevSecOps Panel – Best DevOps Security Practices & Best Tools

Since DevSecOps is such a prominent topic as we move into 2020 that we decided to ask five experts their opinions on the subject of security roles being integrated into DevOps. In this second part of our panel series we ask three questions: Where are applications most vulnerable? What are the best security practices? What tools do they recommend? Here’s what they had to say.

Putting the "Sec" in DevSecOps – Part 1

DevSecOps Panel – What Is DevSecOps & DevOps Security Challenges

Since DevSecOps is such a prominent topic as we move into 2020 that we decided to ask five experts their opinions on the subject of security roles being integrated into DevOps. In this first part of our panel series we ask two questions: What is DevSecOps? Where is it easy and where is it difficult to keep an eye on security? Here’s what our experts had to say.

Secure cloud network architectures

How automation mitigates security concerns surrounding cloud migrations

Organizations continue moving to the cloud, and they show no sign of slowing down. However, many IT and security professionals have reservations about security when it comes to the cloud. In this article, Roberto Garcia discusses how automation helps minimize risks resulting from human error and protect against common security mistakes when migrating to the cloud.

The future of responsible data

Data protection in 2020, only the responsible will survive

The past decade saw a number of massive data breaches from well-known companies such as Target, Yahoo, and Equifax. In the coming years, companies will need to find better ways to protect their data and ensure customer privacy. This article dives into some of the adjustments that we can expect to see in the next few years.

Protecting our data

How AI has the power to save the world from identity theft

Identity theft rose to the top of crimes reported by US customers and it continues to affect thousands of people. ID theft, unauthorized payments, and even blackmail is possible with the information that hackers steal every year. Is artificial intelligence the solution that we need to protect our sensitive information on a global scale? New technologies such as DeepCode may reduce ID theft.