The Shared Responsibility Model

The one risk of using SaaS no one talks about

The convenience that SaaS applications have afforded us can never be overstated, especially in a working world that is significantly different than just two years ago. However, there is one specific risk of using SaaS that I was unaware of; even with two decades of working with the cloud.

Interview with Sagi Rodin, Frontegg

“We are in the early stages of a huge shift away from building SaaS product capabilities in-house”

We spoke with Sagi Rodin from Frontegg about the challenges that SaaS companies face with ever increasing security threats and rising expectations from customers for greater control, freedom and independence. Sagi also talks about how utilizing easily integrated, full stack product capabilities can help solve this by allowing startups to keep focused on their core product, and launch faster with a more mature offering.

Delivering benefits with software-as-a-service

5 Ways to Achieve Faster Time to Value with Enterprise SaaS

Speeding up time to value in SaaS (software-as-a-service) is a collaborative effort between the vendor and the customer. This article examines five ways that enterprises can speed up SaaS without sacrificing any long-term project goals.

Watch Khallai Taylor's API Conference session

Regulations as a Service – rethinking APIs

Follow Khallai Taylor, a fintech product evangelist and consultant of secure APIs and blockchain across the world, as she discusses regulations as a service. In her talk, she will teach you how to rethink how APIs can focus on PSD2 as a service and GDPR as a service.

Interview with Pierre Di Lauro, Data Engineer at Curve

SaaS: To choose or not to choose

Resources are scarce when it comes to companies experiencing growing pains. “In such an environment [startups], you want to use your time and resources as efficiently as possible,” Pierre Di Lauro, Data Engineer at Curve and JAX DevOps speaker says. We caught up with him to talk about the build vs. buy dilemma, choosing SaaS and more.