TIOBE Index for June 2020

Rust enters the TIOBE Index Top 20

Here’s something new for Rust fans to brag about. The language has officially entered the TIOBE Index top 20. What makes Rust such a well-loved programming language? Will it continue to reside alongside big players such as Java and C?

Last week's highlights

Weekly Review: 25 years of Java, Grafana 7.0, Stack Overflow Developer Survey & more

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week we celebrated 25 years of Java, spoke to seven experts about continuous delivery and continuous integration, learned more about the open source platform Grafana, and found out that Rust is once again the most beloved programming language.

Latest stable release has arrived

Rust 1.43 stabilizes six APIs and adds minor changes

Rust 1.43 has been released according to schedule. The latest version of the multi-paradigm programming language is a minor release, but that doesn’t mean nothing has happened. Let’s take a look at the stabilized APIs and language changes that this version has on board.

See what's keeping developers from learning Rust

Rust Survey 2019 reveals the need for more documentation

The Rust Survey Team has released its latest annual Rust Survey. For the fourth year in a row, developers were questioned about their views on the programming language. Read on to find out what the community would like to see improved and what is keeping developers from getting started with Rust.

News for the Rustaceans

Rust 1.42.0 adds subslice patterns and improved panic messaging

The Rust dev team has been hard at work. Less than three months after the previous release, Rust version 1.42.0 stable is here. This update introduces some new features such as subslice patterns, and better panic messages when unwrapping. Rustaceans, come and see what the newest highlights are.

The latest additions

Rust 1.41.0 updates feature relaxed restrictions for trait implementations

Let’s say hello to the newest version of Rust, take a peek at some of the new features introduced in version 1.41.0 stable, as well as a look forward to some of the events happening in 2020. This new update includes some improvements to Cargo, introduces relaxed restrictions for trait implementations, a new Cargo.lock format, some library changes, and a few more tweaks under the hood.

Await no more!

Rust 1.39.0 stable update adds async-await

The latest version of Rust is now available and introduces a big change for the language. 1.39.0 adds async-await. This feature moves out of beta and is now stable. The use of asynchronous code allows users to run multiple tasks concurrently on the same OS thread. See what other changes are now available to Rust, Cargo, and Clippy.

Rust goodies galore

Rust 1.38 release: Pipelined compilation for Cargo & more

According to statistics from GitHub, Rust is one of the fastest growing programming languages! The latest update for Rust includes a few changes to the library and pipelined compilation. See what’s added in the 1.38.0 stable release and how it can help cut down compilation speed in certain instances. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Updating Rust

Rust 1.37.0 release: refer to enum variants through type aliases & more

Rust is still growing in popularity, climbing up the TIOBE and Redmonk rankings this year. Version 1.37.0’s highlights include being able to refer to enum variants through type aliases, built-in cargo vendor, unnamed const items, profile-guided optimization, a default-run key in Cargo, and #[repr(align(N))] on enums. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Updated to a shine

Rust 1.36.0 update: Cargo –offline support for Cargo and new stabilizations

2019 has been a big here for the programming language Rust; it polled for the fourth year in a row as the most loved language by developers on StackOverflow. The newest update to the language is v1.36.0. This release includes several changes: the stabilization of the Future trait, the alloc crate, offline support in Cargo, and more.