Interview with Maurice Ko, VP of Engineering and Ryan Wallace, Lead Software Engineer at Kabam

“Redis enables us to build high-performing, reliable features”

Does Redis really have an uptime of 99.999%? We had a chat with Maurice Ko, VP of Engineering and Ryan Wallace, Lead Software Engineer at Kabam about how Redis has benefited their business, how they use it at their company, and its most beneficial use cases are.

A healthier alternative for Redis Java client

Lettuce: Asynchronous support for Redis

Are you getting your regular servings of vegetables? This scalable, thread-safe Redis client isn’t just rabbit food; Lettuce supports synchronous, asynchronous, and reactive usage of the Redis API.

Recorded in front of a live JAXconf Audience

The Rise of NoSQL and Polyglot Persistence – Abdel Remani answers the big NoSQL questions

The rise of NoSQL is characterized with confusion and ambiguity; very much like any fast-emerging organic movement in the absence of well-defined standards and adequate software solutions. Whether you are a developer or an architect, many questions come to mind when faced with the decision of where your data should be stored and how it should be managed. What does the rise of all these NoSQL technologies mean to my enterprise? What is NoSQL to begin with? Does it mean “No SQL”? Could this be just another fad? Is it a good idea to bet the future of my enterprise on these new exotic technologies and simply abandon proven mature Relational DataBase Management Systems (RDBMS)? How scalable is scalable? Assuming that I am sold, how do I choose the one that fit my needs best?


Cloud Foundry Tutorial : Taking a PaaS on the hard stuff

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz surrounding “clouds,” and – unless somebody’s given you a clear, specific introduction, you’re no doubt leery of the term. Andy Piper and Josh Long dig deeper into Cloud Foundry