Watch Lenz Weber's International JavaScript Conference session

The State of React’s State in 2019

Lenz Weber’s International JavaScript Conference talk highlights the different types of state occurring in modern React applications and give recommendations on how to approach them with the tools currently available, with an outlook on the near future.

This makes building single page applications even easier

Build React.js routing using History API Fallback

Looking to use React to build single page applications? Sometimes, routing can be dfficult. In this article, Ashish Goyal explores how developers can use the History API fallback to create routes for their React apps and webpages.

State of the JavaScript tools universe in review

New users pick Vue over React, report shows

The npm team released a report that presents the state of JavaScript in review for 2018 and gives some predictions for 2019. In this article, we will review some of the highlights, namely the state of JavaScript tooling. Are users satisfied the current state of JavaScript tools? Which tool do they use most?