Shed your skin

Automatically fold Python code in Vim with Coiled Snake

Have you tried automatically folding Python code in Vim? While manually folding code works well, there’s always room for improvement. Coiled Snake is a Vim plug-in for automatically folding code. Say good-bye to clutter and hello to cleaner, more compact code.

Useful for AWS and Kubernetes

New Python wrapper for cloud automation by Adobe

Adobe has newly opened Ops-cli: a Python wrapper for Terraform, Ansible, and SSH for cloud automation. Keep up with the fast face of cloud computing and add this automation tool to your belt. Ops-cli can be used with AWS and Kubernetes deployments.

Widgets, widgets, widgets... all in a Python skin

Reahl: A web application framework purely in Python

Save yourself from the trouble of code switching! Reahl is a Python-only web application framework that packs quite a punch for developers looking to work in useful abstractions without switching out to another programming language.