Watch Sebastian Springer's International JavaScript Conference session

Progressive React Apps

In Sebastian Springer’s International JavaScript Conference session, he discusses Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with React. Take a look at the steps involved that turn an ordinary browser application into a fully-fledged PWA in this informative presentation.

Interview with Thomas Steiner, Developer Advocate at Google Hamburg

Project Fugu interview: Bridging the app gap

We spoke with Thomas Steiner, a Developer Advocate at Google Hamburg, about Project Fugu, a major player in the development of a PWA standard. Project Fugu is a cross-company effort from Google, Microsoft, and Intel focused on improving the web. Discover the process behind designing new APIs at Project Fugu and how it will bridge the app gap.

Watch Christian Liebel's International JavaScript Conference

Advanced Progressive Web Apps: Push notifications under control

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are used more than ever, as more and more people access the Internet primarily with their smartphones. This session by Christian Liebel from the International JavaScript Conference discusses how to create push notifications for a PWA using the Push API. Make your website feel like a real app using some helpful libraries.

Making a list, checking it twice

Progressive Web App testing: Important checklist to follow

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) need proper testing before launch, in order to ensure that they run on all browsers, devices, and with a variety of network speeds and providers. This checklist will help you ensure that your progressive web app is ready, fully tested, and ready to reach mobile users.

Why you should give them a try

Progressive Web Apps and how they can increase engagement

Are you familiar with progressive web apps or PWAs? In this article, James Grills gives us an overview of the benefits of using PWAs and discusses the future of web and mobile app development with progressive web apps.