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DevOps report card: Security must be part of the software delivery cycle

Puppet’s State of DevOps: Industry Report Card rates different sectors, from finance to retail, on how well they have integrated security into their DevOps practices and their DevOps maturation level. This report reveals some tricks of the trade. See what different industries struggle with and where each excels and find out what the most successful organizations have in common.

Interview with Matt Waxman, Head of Products at Puppet

“In a Serverless world, sophisticated orchestration tools aren’t just nice-to-have, they’re non-negotiable”

A new version of Puppet Enterprise just has been released (Puppet Enterprise 2019.1). We talked to Matt Waxman, Head of Products at Puppet, about the new features of this release, the open source automation tool Puppet Bolt and the impact of Serverless Computing to the world of Infrastructure as Code.

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A recent report has revealed that job postings on with the keyword

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