We gathered here today to celebrate Prometheus' graduation

Prometheus becomes second CNCF project to graduate

Kubernetes was the first CNCF project to graduate but it’s no longer alone: Prometheus has just graduated. This technology has demonstrated thriving adoption, a documented, structured governance process, and a strong commitment to community sustainability and inclusivity.

How to keep an eye on your containers

Prometheus monitoring: Pros and cons

Prometheus solves the problem of how devs can monitor highly dynamic container environments. In this article, Frederick Ryckbosch goes over the advantages and disadvantages of using Prometheus, and just how scalable it really is.

Interview with Björn Rabenstein, engineer at SoundCloud and Prometheus core developer

Prometheus 1.0: “Prometheus and Kubernetes share spiritual ancestry”

Prometheus 1.0 was launched last week —it delivers a stable API and user interface. In short, “Prometheus 1.0 means upgrades won’t break programs built atop the Prometheus API, and updates won’t require storage re-initialization or deployment changes.” Let’s allow Björn Rabenstein, engineer at SoundCloud and Prometheus core developer, to tell us all everything we need to know about this release.