Reflections from industry experts

Tech experts discuss the three-year anniversary of GDPR

It’s been three years since the GDPR was enforced. Compliance with the EU data privacy regulation remains an ongoing challenge for organisations as do raising cyber security expectations and threats. Industry experts in the technology and software space share their reflections.

Taking a DataSecOps approach

Readjusting Cloud and Data Privacy Predictions

This year’s sudden, unexpected need for cloud capabilities has helped to shift a very important learning to the forefront: Privacy and security are not corners you can cut. While the need to quickly migrate to the cloud is understandable, it is just as important to implement the necessary steps to reduce the risk of data exposure.

Privacy concerns

GDPR — Designing privacy and data protection

The General Data Protection Regulation will come into effect next year. Are you in compliance with the new EU privacy and data protection law? Alexsandro Souza explains some common technical GDPR compliance issues and how you can be ready.