Watch Adam Wright's DevOpsCon session about PostgreSQL in a cloud native world

Cloud Native Patterns with Postgres on K8s

Adam Wright, Senior Product Manager at EnterpriseDB is always excited to share how you can use Postgres alongside data-driven apps born in the cloud. In his DevOpsCon session “Cloud Native Patterns with Postgres on K8s”, Adam will show you some core features and how to integrate PostgreSQL into Kubernetes and OpenShift Container Platform workloads.

Improvements and new features

PostgreSQL 14 is here – what should you look out for?

PostgreSQL 14 has more than 200 improvements and new features, but broadly they fall into four areas: Performance, Observability, Security and Convenience. For developers, what is there to look forward to in this new version? Let’s look at them in some more detail.

Geographic object support for SQL

Getting started with PostGIS

Bringing support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL, PostGIS has several advantages over similar spatial databases like SQL Server and Oracle Locator/Spatial. Adam Wright shows us the extender’s most popular functions, data types and how to get started.


Cloud Foundry Tutorial : Taking a PaaS on the hard stuff

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last five years, you’ve probably heard a lot of buzz surrounding “clouds,” and – unless somebody’s given you a clear, specific introduction, you’re no doubt leery of the term. Andy Piper and Josh Long dig deeper into Cloud Foundry

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