Watch Christian Lück's International PHP Conference session

Getting started with ReactPHP

Think about PHP for a few seconds… What came to mind? It’s very likely you thought about your average product catalog, a blogging platform, or how the platform is inferior to things like Node.js. But wait, it’s 2020! What if I told you PHP’s huge ecosystem has way more to offer and PHP is not inferior at all to its evil cousin Node.js?

Watch Sebastian Bergmann's International PHP Conference session

PHP Tools of the Trade

What tools does every PHP developer need to know? In this session from the International PHP Conference, Sebastian Bergmann goes over what should be in every PHP developer’s toolkit, such as dephpend, phant, and PHPUnit. Find out how to fit these tools into your daily development.

Watch Stefan Priebsch's International PHP Conference session

Migrating to PHP 7

Are you still using PHP 5? If so, this talk is for you. Join Stefan Priebsch, co-founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company, and learn all about how to complete a successful migration to the latest version of PHP. Find out what the new features are and how to convince others to make the migration.

Watch Oliver Sturm's International PHP Conference session

CQRS and Event Sourcing

This talk from the International PHP Conference dives into CQRS (command-query responsibility segregation). and event sourcing. See how they relate to one another, what the consequences of using them are, and learn some real-world, practical examples and demonstrations from Oliver Sturm, Training Director at DevExpress.

Interview with Leo Cavalcante, full-stack developer

Siler interview: Making PHP easy and enjoyable

Siler is a set of general purpose high-level abstractions aiming an API for declarative programming in PHP using the “keep it simple, stupid” principle. Its latest release, Siler 1.7.2 is here and we spoke to Leo Cavalcante about the library and what his top three favorite new features are. Let’s take a look.

Debunking the rumors

PHP is very much alive and doesn’t plan on dying

The reports about the death of PHP are greatly exaggerated. Learn the current PHP status quo and why it is here to stay. Backed by PHP developers from Iflexion, this article will give answers to all the burning questions and help you make up your mind about PHP’s wellbeing once and for all.

Watch Jessica Mauerhan's International PHP Conference session


Software engineer Jessica Mauerhan discusses how to help boost your programming career with an attitude change and learn how to be less judgemental online and in the workplace. Set aside some time for reflection and watch this session from the International PHP Conference.

Watch Scott Sandler's International PHP Conference session

PHP to Hack, an Incrementally Typed Adventure at Slack

Senior Staff Engineer at Slack, Scott Sandler, gave a keynote at the International PHP Conference about how Slack migrated its multi-million line PHP codebase to Facebook’s Hack programming language. Find out what they learned, what challenges they faced, and what PHP programmers can learn from the journey.

Watch Arne Blankerts' International PHP Conference session

Optimizing nginx and PHP-FPM – from Beginner to Expert to Crazy

In this International PHP Conference session by Arne Blankerts, find out all about optimizing nginx and PHP-FPM. From low hanging fruits to crazy, this session will show configuration tips for beginners, tweaks for experts and tricks for the insane.

Watch Denis Brumann's International PHP Conference session

An introduction to Symfony Messenger

Symfony 4 and the introduction of Flex put a focus on enabling developers to create microservice-style applications with Symfony. In a microservice architecture, delegating tasks to other services or distributing data between these services is a challenge most monolith applications do not have to deal with. Find out more in Denis Brumann’s informative session.

Watch Vítor Brandao's International PHP Conference session

Build your own neural network – with PHP!

It’s impossible to avoid the hype around machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning, and neutral networks. This talk from the International PHP Conference will show you what an artificial neural network (ANN) looks like and how you can get started on building your own using PHP. Follow Vítor Brandao and begin your machine learning journey.

Interview with Níckolas Da Silva, senior fullstack engineer at ResearchGate

PHP 8 interview: “JIT will bring the language to a whole new level”

PHP 8 is expected to arrive this year but there’s no fixed timetable as yet. The new major release is hotly anticipated and would be the perfect way to celebrate the programming language’s 25th anniversary. We asked senior fullstack engineer Níckolas Da Silva some questions about PHP 8. Let’s take a closer look.

Watch Markus Winand's International PHP Conference session

Modern SQL: Evolution of a dinosaur

Relational SQL has been abandoned in 1999. Since then, SQL has got many non-relational features for problems that are hard to solve with relational algebra. What can modern SQL do for you? It has come a long way. This session from the International PHP Conference will teach you about the SQL of today. Find out more with Markus Winand.