Java's planned obsolescence

Even if Oracle is losing interest in Java, should you worry?

Hearing proclamations of the death of Java is everyday business for this 20-year old giant in IT. But with the recent evangelist layoffs, rumours of Oracle’s neglect and a subdued JavaOne conference, it feels like something has changed. But should Java developers care, asks Jason Whaley.

Oracle & Java

Can Java survive without its evangelists?

The recent rumours of Oracle putting an end to its Java evangelism has the community worried about the necessary vision for Java’s future. But there’s no reason for Java world to fear, says JAX London program chair Sebastian Meyen.

WTF is it?

Duke the Java Mascot, explained

Have you ever wondered what Duke the Java Mascot is? Is it a mockup of the Star Fleet communicator badge? Perhaps it’s an anthropomorphic dinosaur tooth? Whatever it is, it’s time we found out!

Red Hat to the rescue

Red Hat takes the reigns of OpenJDK 7

A generation behind the current Java release, OpenJDK 7 will now be presided over by Red Hat, which also assumed responsibility for OpenJDK 6 back in the day. The open source contingent of Java will keep on truckin’.

Death to the Toolbar

The Ask Toolbar is (sort of, a little bit) dead

Microsoft has officially started classifying older versions of the Java update’s infamous Ask Toolbar as malware, and has now begun blocking installation attempts. The latest version of the world’s most hated add-on is still working fine, but there’s hope that its end is nigh.