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Eclipse Che 6.0 adds OpenShift support

Eclipse Che 6 is here and it adds OpenShift support [in addition to Docker], which means that you can deploy it on different flavors of OpenShift. However, that’s not the only important news: the work on providing a new SPI is also a meaningful improvement. Let’s see what’s under the hood of version 6.0.

Up and away

An OpenShift primer

Hang on to your hats and stand by for launch into the Clouds – how to get your first OpenShift based application deployed in minutes!

Recorded in front of a live JAXConf 2013

Understanding, Comparing, and Using Java Cloud Platforms (PaaS)

There are so many Java Cloud Platforms on the market today: CloudFoundry, CloudBees, Google App Engine, OpenShift, Heroku, and Oracle Java Cloud Service. How can you possibly choose? Fortunately, Khanderao Kand is on hand to help in this JAXConf 2013 presentation. He’ll compare the various platforms through examples, and give you an idea of what key factors to look for when selecting the right cloud platform for your application. Filmed by Marakana –