#open source

At the heart of good database management is the ability to facilitate innovation

The growing appeal towards open source

Whilst full automation is on the horizon, tools available in the open source world have the potential to provide real benefit to both the DBA on the ground and the business as a whole. In this article, John Pocknell explains how the appeal of open source is only growing stronger.

Open source is not a one-way road

A way forward with open source and Blockchain

Blockchain brings the promise of transparency and security to transactions of any kind. In this article, Marta Piekarska explains how this transformative technology can change secured communications while relying on open source principles.

Security is not just a technology problem

Balancing security and innovation in open source

How can developers integrate security concerns and innovation in today’s threat environment? In this article, James Read explains that, in spite of its free and transparent nature, open source is uniquely positioned to face the threats of today’s security concerns.

Keep an eye out for open source

Open source: Less talk, more work

Open source is clearly established in mainstream enterprises. But just because it has achieved this position doesn’t mean we should rest easy. In this article, Jonathan Marsh explains why it’s important to keep an eye on open source technologies.

Diversity makes a healthy open source community thrive

Why enterprises are flocking to open source

Freedom, openness, and community are the bedrock values that open source is built on. In this article, Abby Kearns, Executive Director of Cloud Foundry Foundation explains why these things made open source the successful foundation for modern tech enterprises.

The only way to effectively move forward is to work together

“The Apache Way” — Open source done well

The Apache Software Foundation has been supporting open source for nearly twenty years. But what’s it all about? In this article, Ignasi Barrera goes over the organization and why it has been so successful in creating new technology for the benefit of the whole community.

6 reasons why

It’s time to get proficient at Swift

Apple’s open source language has hit the headlines more than once this year — it had its ups and downs but a lot of people seem to believe that it’s here to stay, which is why you should give it a go if you haven’t yet.

Challenges and misconceptions, and why they exist

Open Source: The not-so-secret to success

Open source is a great tool for developers, but it doesn’t solve all problems. In this article, Milen Dyankov discusses the lessons he has learned as a long time user and advocate of open source software, and the value of nurturing relationships.