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Investing in the future

Codefresh creates $100M open source fund

CI/CD specialists Codefresh have announced their intentions to reinvest into the open source ecosystem that has supported and helped them prosper since they were founded in 2014. They are built on top of Kubernetes, running on top of open source Linux, and now they want to follow in the Linux Foundation’s footsteps and make a massive contribution back into the community. Let’s take a closer look.

Become familiar with source code

Sourcetrail, an interactive source code explorer, becomes open source

Another helpful tool becomes free and open source software. Coati Software’s Sourcetrail is an interactive source code explorer that helps developers understand what is going on in existing source code and provides helpful context. You can connect various editors to it with a plugin and all source code is private, as it runs locally on your machine.

A steaming cup of Git

Gitea version 1.10: Self-host your own Git service

The goal of Gitea is creating simple, fast, painless self-hosted Git services. It is written in Go and was forked from Gogs, a similar open source project, in 2016. Its newest major release just arrived, with some new features and over 150 bug fixes. Why do people turn to self-hosting services? How does Gitea stack up to other providers or Git hosting solutions?

To open source or not?

Using open source in your enterprise? What to look out for

Discover the potential benefits of open source software for your business and the risks you need to be aware of. Open source has long been hailed as the future of software development, yet it’s definitely not for everyone. Darya Efimova, a digital transformation observer at Iflexion, taps into the big promise of open source along with its advantages and risks when it comes to enterprise-grade software.

Identifying harmful content

Facebook open sources photo and video matching technology

The Facebook development team announced at their Child Safety Hackathon that they have open sourced ThreatExchange. ThreatExchange is a collection of RESTful APIs that helps find matching content for an explicit video, in order to prevent it from being shared. Check out some of the privacy features and how you can potentially help make the internet safer.

Breaking news

Chef announced its full commitment to open source

Chef, the Continuous Automation software provider announced its shift from a mix of open source and proprietary software business plan to fully committing to open source. Let’s have a look at what we know so far. Also, let us know your thoughts on this breaking news in the poll at the end of this article.

Maybe the real treasure was the pull requests we closed along the way!

How to successfully maintain an open source project

Getting your project up and running is only the beginning. How can developers make sure their hard-coded open source project will succeed? Here are some tips, tricks, and lessons learned for making sure your project is a total success.

Open source will be closely aligned with DevOps

The future of open source and DevOps

If you’re not already using open source, you’ll soon be marginalized by those organization using it to move faster and be more innovative. In this article, Bart Copeland, CEO and president of ActiveState, shares his predictions about where open source and DevOps are going this year.