Let's clear up the confusion

Node.js 10.x enters LTS phase with the release of Node v10.13

Node.js 11 is already a week old, so it’s time for its predecessor to retire! But don’t worry, it’s not really going anywhere! Node v10.13.0 includes some minor changes marking, however, its transition to LTS coverage. In this article, we take a closer look at the latest release and we clear up some of the confusion concerning the Node’s release cycle.

What will you build?

Bringing Node.js to IoT: Meet low.js

Are you a hobbyist or professional struggling with JavaScript eating up your RAM? With low.js you can use Node.js with low system requirements. Find out what potential low.js brings to the table for developers.

The intersection of performance and speed

Top 5 IDEs and code editors for Node.js

Our IDE series continues with Node.js. This week, we’re celebrating the open source JavaScript runtime for building scalable network applications. Here are five of our favorite IDEs and text editors for Node.js!

Node, scrambled

Ryan Dahl is fixing his Node.js design regrets with Deno

Sometimes, we make mistakes. When we do, it’s important to fix them. But what happens when your mistakes are a part of one of the most popular run-time environments in the world? Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node, intends to fix those mistakes with a brand new TypeScript runtime called Deno.