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Node.js Errors: Changes are coming!

Have you noticed the changes to Errors thrown by the Node.js runtime? They started appearing in the latest release [Node.js 8] and will continue to pour into Node.js 9. Why should you care? If your code parses the message strings, this change will surely interest you.

Node.js benefits increase over time

Node.js 2017 user survey results: This is what users like about Node.js

The results are in! According to this year’s Node.js user survey findings, many users learned Node.js with the help of online courses and a whopping 95% of people who use this framework learned it in English. Furthermore, the benefits of this framework increase over time. Eager to find out what are the most used languages? Read on to find out who’s the winner.

Interview series with Java influencers — Part 1

No swan song for Java: 11 influencers weigh in on its reputation, rivals and adoption

What’s cooking in the Java world? Plenty, actually. Java 9 is coming in September, Jigsaw has finally its approval and our Java influencers are offering us some valuable insight into the future of this programming languages. In this 3-part interview series, we shed some light on where Java is headed to and what language is a worthy opponent.

Are you for or against?

Node.js 8.0.0 has been delayed: Here’s why

Node.js 8.0.0 has been delayed. Users eager to take it for a spin will have to wait until the end of this month. Myles Borins, Developer Advocate for Node.js on Google Cloud Platform, explains why they chose to delay the release.

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Node.js plays in the big leagues thanks to them

Some people still see Node.js as a rookie, but this platform has managed to sneak into the code stacks of tech giants and Fortune 500 companies. It’s safe to say that Node.js is playing in the big leagues thanks to giants such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Netflix, PayPal and a plethora of others.

What's your choice?

Most popular frameworks associated with Node.js

Choosing the right framework for a project is still considered to be the most daunting task by business and site owners looking to strengthen their web presence. No worries, we have compiled a list of frameworks associated with Node.

Bringing matters out in the open

Top reasons to use Node.js for web application development

There are many reasons why developers (regardless of experience level) should use Node.js for web application development, starting with its speed and ending with its proficiency at multi-user, real-time web applications. Not to mention that three years ago Nodejitsu reached out to the npm community for help running the public npm servers and raised over $300,000 for the project, proving that the community is both active and generous.