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Bringing Node.js to IoT: Meet low.js

Are you a hobbyist or professional struggling with JavaScript eating up your RAM? With low.js you can use Node.js with low system requirements. Find out what potential low.js brings to the table for developers.

The intersection of performance and speed

Top 5 IDEs and code editors for Node.js

Our IDE series continues with Node.js. This week, we’re celebrating the open source JavaScript runtime for building scalable network applications. Here are five of our favorite IDEs and text editors for Node.js!

Node, scrambled

Ryan Dahl is fixing his Node.js design regrets with Deno

Sometimes, we make mistakes. When we do, it’s important to fix them. But what happens when your mistakes are a part of one of the most popular run-time environments in the world? Ryan Dahl, the creator of Node, intends to fix those mistakes with a brand new TypeScript runtime called Deno.

This will be the new stable release line

Node.js 10 is here!

Node.js 10 is here! We take a look at all the changes it has in store for developers, including increased stability, cryptographic support, and other performance improvements!

A quick overview

The road ahead for Node.js

Why is Node.js gaining fans? According to Saini, Gupta, and Gupta, it’s not just the speed and performance that set it apart from other platforms, but the community support and enthusiasm that makes it shine.

The whys and the hows

Node.js Errors: Changes are coming!

Have you noticed the changes to Errors thrown by the Node.js runtime? They started appearing in the latest release [Node.js 8] and will continue to pour into Node.js 9. Why should you care? If your code parses the message strings, this change will surely interest you.

Node.js benefits increase over time

Node.js 2017 user survey results: This is what users like about Node.js

The results are in! According to this year’s Node.js user survey findings, many users learned Node.js with the help of online courses and a whopping 95% of people who use this framework learned it in English. Furthermore, the benefits of this framework increase over time. Eager to find out what are the most used languages? Read on to find out who’s the winner.

Interview series with Java influencers — Part 1

No swan song for Java: 11 influencers weigh in on its reputation, rivals and adoption

What’s cooking in the Java world? Plenty, actually. Java 9 is coming in September, Jigsaw has finally its approval and our Java influencers are offering us some valuable insight into the future of this programming languages. In this 3-part interview series, we shed some light on where Java is headed to and what language is a worthy opponent.