Interview with Andrew Henry, software developer for SGT Inc.

Getting started with NASA’s Open MCT framework: Familiarity with JavaScript is required

Developers can now take advantage of NASA’s web-based mission control framework for data visualization on mobile & desktop; they can build dashboards for data analysis and situational awareness using the same tool that NASA uses for some of its spacecraft missions. We talked to Andrew Henry, a software developer for SGT Inc. who works on the Open MCT project at NASA’s Ames Research Center about how to get started with Open MCT, how they rewrote the plugin API so that the framework can be extended without imposing third-party libraries on developers & more.

Space rulez

NASA’s ten coding commandments

NASA has produced its own set of coding standards to ensure code quality and safety among all NASA applications. These standards have evolved from their own guidelines and are set to be applicable to the greater software development industry.

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