Benefits of microservices architecture

How microservices are transforming app development

What are the benefits of microservices architecture in app development? There are a number of reasons to shift to a microservices architecture, including a rise in cross-functional teams, and continuous deployment. Follow these tips and you can successfully shift, increase your team’s flexibility and speed, and develop better mobile apps.

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Majestic modular monoliths

Are microservices really the best choice for you? Developers! Architects! Buckle up as we’re going to cut through the hype and determine if microservice architecture is the right choice for your project.

An emphasis on performance and scalability

Istio 1.1 is enterprise-ready

It’s been eight months since Istio 1.0 was released so now it’s time to welcome the next version. The theme for 1.1 is Enterprise Ready, which means the team has worked hard to make sure companies using Istio will have a smooth ride.