OSGi and open source

Build your own open source Eclipse MicroProfile

The release cycle for Java EE is quite long, so how can enterprises take advantage of recent trends like microservices? While Eclipse MicroProfile was designed to solve this issue, there are still some gaps. Raymond Augé explains how developers can build their own open source Eclipse MicroProfile with OSGi.

Lightweight and reactive

Micronaut: The future of microservices in the JVM

Designed from the ground up for microservices, Micronaut is a framework for lightweight and reactive development on the JVM. In this article, Sergio del Amo and Ralf D. Müller explain how Micronaut’s minimal footprint can help speed up your microservices implementation.

Jakarta EE Community Survey: Results are in

Jakarta EE takes the cloud-native Java path

The results of the Jakarta EE community survey revealed that cloud-native development is a top requirement in the platform’s evolution, alongside the need for a faster pace of innovation on the Jakarta EE platform. Users’ wish has been granted! The Eclipse Foundation unveiled the new open source governance model and a “cloud-native Java” path for Jakarta EE.

Interview with John Duimovich, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Java CTO

Microclimate aims to bring a live integrated development experience to microservices development

IBM recently introduced a new development environment; Microclimate is designed to provide a common development framework so that microservices can work together regardless of who created them. We talked with John Duimovich, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Java CTO, about Microclimate’s key features, what’s under its hood and why developers should give it a try.

Monitoring microservices with health checks

What kinds of monitoring solutions are available to check the health of your microservices? In this article, Peter Arijs explains what you are looking for, goes over the different types of service checks, and gives an example of how you can do this with CoScale’s monitoring solutions.

Interview with Matt Chotin, Sr. Director of Developer Initiatives at AppDynamics

Monitoring containerized applications: Must-haves

Is there a correct way to monitor containerized applications? What are the tools that help people “connect the dots” between various silos of the infrastructure, and help fix problems when they occur? We talked with Matt Chotin, Sr. Director of Developer Initiatives at AppDynamics, about all this and more.