Hell = dependencies

Exploring the depths of JAR hell

JAR hell is an endearing term referring to the problems that arise from the characteristics of Java’s class loading mechanism. Nicolai Parlog is on hand to go through the different problems you might come across whilst exploring these Java anomalies.

Testable development of CDI

Tutorial – Arquillian makes testing a breeze

It’s our opinion that Testing is Development; we’re not doing our job as programmers if we cannot ensure that our code is working as advertised. To that end, CDI has been a tremendous step forward for Java EE as a simplified POJO-based component model. Of course, CDI beans become such only within the context of a CDI Container, and that infers both starting a server and deploying into it. Until now, that work has been the responsibility of the developer; with the introduction of the Arquillian testing framework, these concerns can safely be put aside.