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Interview with JAX London speakers Sumanas Sarma and Rob Hinds

Machine Learning essentials: Best practices, categories and misconceptions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are all the rage right now. Many companies feel the pressure to invest in an AI strategy before fully understanding what they are aiming to achieve. We talked with JAX London speakers Sumanas Sarma and Rob Hinds about the different types of ML tasks, the most suitable programming language for ML, misconceptions and more.

Brings machine learning into the browser

Google’s Deeplearn.js comes to the rescue of machine learning aficionados

Companies are racing to find programmers capable of coding for ML and deep learning but, as Googlers Nikhil Thorat and Daniel Smilkov point out, “the development of ML systems is often restricted to those with computational resources and the technical expertise to work with commonly available ML libraries.” Enter deeplearn.js, an open source JavaScript library for machine learning.

Teaching robots their ABCs and 123s

Top 5 open-source tools for machine learning

These days, it seems that tech companies can’t hire their AI or ML specialists fast enough. So if you’re looking to upgrade your skillset or just fiddle around with a cool new tool, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 picks for the best open-source tools for machine learning.

Hold off on hiring robots to replace our chefs

Mastering the art of machine learning cooking

Machine learning is the future. If, of course, we can teach computers to understand the signal from the noise. Neural networks are learning to do amazing things from recognizing images to driving and even coming up with recipes. But maybe we should hold off on hiring robots to replace our chefs.

Sometimes it's hard to see the wood for the trees

Clinton’s campaign: Could machine learning and Java have prevented their failure to handle big data?

Hillary Clinton’s 18-month campaign as the Democrat candidate for the presidency of the United States has been famously and resoundingly data-driven. A war room of senior analysts, mathematicians and researchers monitored, tracked and calculated every significant movement of her campaign, adjusting strategy to shift focus to different geo-political demographics. The polls gave affirmation that she was on track to win until the final hours of the campaign, but ultimately the pollsters failed to forecast the US election result correctly. A loss not just for Clinton and the Democrats, but for all those who are proponents of the value of data. Or so it is told.

Interview with Albert Bifet, co-leader at MOA

MOA: Machine learning for the Internet of Things

Machine learning may sound futuristic, but it’s not. Speech recognition systems such as Cortana or Search in e-commerce systems have already shown us the benefits and challenges that go hand in hand with these systems. In our machine learning series we will introduce you to several tools that make all this possible. Next stop: MOA, an open source software specific for machine learning/data mining on data streams in real time.