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The ML Conference 2019 program is now live!

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Training AI services in the cloud

AI as smart services for everyone

If you cannot or do not want to build an AI project from scratch, you have countless choices of ready-made services. But what can you do if the finished services do not fit the project? Customizable AI and ML models in the cloud, which you can train with your own data, provide a remedy.

Machine learning at its finest

Facebook’s Getafix is a clever tool that learns how to fix bugs automatically

Facebook is on a roll! The company recently announced that they would soon release some internal tools and they did not disappoint. The latest tool to be open sourced is Getafix, which learns from engineers’ past code fixes to recommend bug fixes. Getafix aims to let computers take care of the routine work under the watchful eye of a human. Let’s take a closer look.

See Philipp Beer speak at the ML Conference on 5 December 2018 in Berlin!

“Designing proper data collection today improves the quality of ML outcomes tomorrow”

Machine learning may have all sorts of use cases, but forecasting? In honor of the upcoming ML Conference, we talked to Philipp Beer about how data scientists can utilize ML in statistical forecasting. We talk about the advantages and disadvantages of modern vs. classical methods, how can one decide between the two, and where should they turn when they need good predictions for their business KPIs.

Makes machine learning on Kubernetes easy, portable, and scalable

Kubeflow 0.3 brings better multi-framework support

It’s been three months since Kubeflow 0.2 was released so now it’s time for 0.3 to shine. This release provides easier deployment and customization of components and better multi-framework support. In this article, we’ll have a look at some of the highlights.

The reality of modern technology

AI and machine learning in software development: Benefits for developers

New ways of handling large amounts of data by building more layers of artificial intelligence into computer systems have been allowing developers and businesses to create computer systems that work for them. In this article, Paul Bates explains why the future of consumerism and business optimization relies on machine learning and what role developers play in all this.