Security is important, even for containers

Container security starts with Kubernetes

As containers become more widely adopted, it’s important to remember security at all steps. In this article, Todd Moreau explains several essential Kubernetes security considerations for any develop looking to adopt this useful technology.

Running complex stateful applications becomes easy

Say hello to KubeDirector – The first project of the BlueK8s initiative is here

The Kuberenetes team has been keeping busy! Some months ago we got introduced to the new Kubernetes open source initiative, BlueK8s and today we have some big news for you! The first project to be released from the BlueK8s maturation chamber is Kubernetes Director or KubeDirector with the pre-alpha code being now available.

Get ready to sail

Kubernetes 1.12 is out – Kubelet TLS Bootstrap goes GA

Kubernetes is back with the delivery of another update featuring some pretty big changes and additions including the general availability of Kubelet TLS Bootstrap and support for Azure Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS). Let’s take a closer look at what the new release brings.