We gathered here today to celebrate Prometheus' graduation

Prometheus becomes second CNCF project to graduate

Kubernetes was the first CNCF project to graduate but it’s no longer alone: Prometheus has just graduated. This technology has demonstrated thriving adoption, a documented, structured governance process, and a strong commitment to community sustainability and inclusivity.

Containers make everything better

How Kubernetes improves IT’s operational efficiency

Containers are particularly useful for managing an increasing amount of applications. However, managing the containers themselves requires help. That’s where Kubernetes comes in. Scott Sanders explains why it might be beneficial to adopt Kubernetes and improve your IT operational efficiency.

Kubernetes begins: A brief history of Kubernetes

Kubernetes has spearheaded the revolution in container management in the past few years. But this open source project almost never saw the light of day. How did this container manager go from a top secret at Google to one of the biggest projects on GitHub in less than five years?

Microservices, DevOps, serverless: All the "juicy" keywords

Transformational cloud technology developments you can’t ignore

The rapid evolution of cloud development technologies is enabling enterprises to deploy services more reliably, scale them, and change them more rapidly. At the same time, failure to keep up with this evolution can rapidly lead to ending up with a brittle cloud implementation. In this article, John Mathon talks about the transformational cloud technology developments enterprises cannot afford to ignore.

It's a brave new world

Docker Desktop Stable channel now offers native Kubernetes support

Last week, the Docker team announced some amazing news for all you Kubernetes enthusiasts out there. Kubernetes orchestration in now part of the Stable release channels for Docker Desktop! But having in mind Kubernetes’ relative dominance during the last few months, is it maybe time for some speculative analysis?

Tell me, doctor, how bad is it?

Report: What does the containers security status look like?

Containers and container orchestration systems are a very important part of the infrastructure for the organizations that work according to agile ways and deploy continuous integration. But how secure are these systems? The Lacework research team conducted a study to determine the security status of containers and here are the results.

Interview with Ramon Guiu, Vice President of product management at New Relic

“Kubernetes is becoming central to cloud adoption”: More innovation coming

In the “orchestration war” between Docker, Swarm, and Kubernetes, it seems like Kubernetes is the clear winner. In this interview, Ramon Guiu, Vice President of product management at New Relic, talks about the reasons why. He discusses how to avoid problems with building a container ecosystem and how to make it run safe and smooth.