Includes a preview of Kotlin 1.4 features

Kotlin 1.3.60 updates Java-to-Kotlin converter

Java and Kotlin go hand in hand, especially when it comes to Android development. Kotlin version 1.3.60 just released and it contains a number of new updates and a few enhancements, including tooling improvements for debugging and Gradle scripts, a new worksheet mode for IntelliJ IDEA, improved error messages, and a preview of some Kotlin 1.4 features.

Javalin hits the spot in 3.6.0

Javalin version 3.6 cleans up with two features and new fixes

Javalin is a lightweight web framework with optional asynchronous mode for both Java and Kotlin. It runs on top of Jetty using only a few thousand modest lines of code and makes creating a REST API easy. The latest November addition brings us to version 3.6.0, with two new features, and a few cleaned up bug fixes and changes.

Biggest draws of Kotlin

8 key Kotlin features that give it an edge over Java

Looking to replace Java with another language? The hype for Kotlin is on a steady incline, due to many of its features tackling Java shortcomings. In this article, you will find out about some of the key Kotlin features that may have you switching your main programming language. For instance, how is the power of Kotlin’s immutability harnessed?

It's Python's world; we all just live in it.

Top programming languages in 2019: Python sweeps the board

Python is fit for a king. A report from IEEE Spectrum shows that Python reigns in the enterprise, web, and embedded programming landscapes. Where does Java fit into the rankings? Although Java holds down the fort as the top mobile programming language, C is not far behind, and Kotlin has been moving up the ranks as more and more Android developers turn to it for their mobile dev needs.

Rolling out the new update

Kotlin 1.3.50: New APIs and improved Java to Kotlin converter

The latest version of Kotlin arrives with a new time measurement and duration API preview, tooling improvements, plans for an improved Java to Kotlin converter, various debugging improvements, and more. Come check out the latest versioning and see what other news Kotlin has been keeping up its sleeve lately.

Kotlin's taking more and more of Java's Android share

Kotlin gnaws at Java’s throne

The rise of Kotlin has been meteoric, and a new report sheds some light on Android developers’ preferences. In this article, we take a look at the recent history of Kotlin and trace its growth over the last couple of years, look at the state of Kotlin today, and then look briefly to the future. Will Kotlin eat more of Java’s share or will Java remain king of the hill?

Watch Uberto Barbini's JAX London 2018 session

Go Kotlin Go!

Ready for some fun? In this session, Uberto Barbini shares some experience in writing a didactic Go bot engine he developed in Kotlin. Let’s get cracking!

How do you use Kotlin?

Kotlin rising: JetBrains’ census reveals the community’s trends

Now that Android expressed that they will become “Kotlin-first”, Kotlin is on the radar. This programming language has been on the rise over the past few years. The latest census from JetBrains explores what’s trending in the community, and what developers are using Kotlin for.