Glide like a 747

Guillaume Laforge on finding the Groovy factor

Groovy hit the 3 million downloads mark in 2013! We met Guillaume Laforge at JAX 2014 to talk about what makes Groovy so groovy for developers and what new features the latest version 2.3 offers. Filmed at JAX 2014, Mainz, Germany.

I don't need your civil war

Does Scala deserve a defense?

Why can’t there be peace between Scala haters and Scala lovers? Hartmut Schlosser weighs in with his take on the rationale behind programming language battles.

Getting them in order

Steve Poole: JVM Support for Multitenant Applications

Per-tenant resource management can help ensure that collocated tenants peacefully share computational resources based on individual quotas. This session begins with a comparison of deployment models (shared: hardware, OS, middleware, everything) to motivate the multi-tenant approach. The main topic is an exploration of experimental data isolation and resource management primitives in IBM’s JDK that combine to help make multitenant applications smaller and more predictable. Highlights include: A fine-grained tenant API; Per-tenant resource quotas based on the JSR 284 API; Tenant-aware JRE: run existing apps in a shared JVM without code changes; Challenges: handling misbehaved tenants, safe finalization, monitoring. Filmed at JAX London 2013.

It's alright

Guillaume Laforge: What Makes Groovy Groovy

Groovy is not a newcomer to the arena of alternative languages for the JVM. With over 1.7 million downloads a year, it’s clearly ahead of the pack. But what makes it a great choice for your projects? In this session, we’ll see how this all fits together in the big Groovy picture, when and where you can use Groovy, and how you can take advantage of Groovy in boosting your productivity! Filmed at JAX London 2013.


Marcus Lagergren: The JVM is dead! Long live the polyglot VM

This session explains why emerging language implementations are becoming more common and more feasible to implement on the JVM with satisfactory performance. It tells you how we got there and walks through the technology already in place (such as invokedynamic) and that which is in progress. The future for the JVM is bright indeed. Filmed at JAX London 2013.