A tour of TornadoVM

TornadoVM: Running your Java programs on heterogeneous hardware

In this article, learn about TornadoVM, a plug-in for OpenJDK for accelerating Java programing on heterogeneous devices. It allows developers to automatically and transparently run Java programs on heterogeneous hardware, without any required knowledge on parallel computing or heterogeneous programming models. Find out about its use cases.

Troubleshooting errors

OutOfMemoryError related JVM arguments

Are you Troubleshooting OutofMemoryError related messages? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan walks through four JVM arguments related to OutofMemoryError. Find out what heat dump is and what to do when presented with these errors in this helpful guide.

Null marks the spot

JEP 358 – Improved NullPointerExceptions

No matter how carefully they wrote their program, nearly every developer knows the dreaded NullPointerException all too well. The JVM points to the location of the problem, but not in as much detail as you might like. With JEP 358, Goetz Lindemaier and Ralf Schmelter propose a solution to this problem.

Which is the right choice?

Large or small memory size for my app?

When is it best to run your application with fewer instances and large memory size, or a lot of instances with a small memory size? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan discusses the differences and pricing of each module and goes over two multi-billion dollar enterprise stories.

Ram Lakshmanan writes...

Automating – OutOfMemoryError troubleshooting

The OutOfMemoryError can be a real pain to troubleshoot, and it’s still done manually for the most part, even in this day and age. Ram Lakshmanan teaches you how to automate troubleshooting and identifying the root cause of this error.

In case you missed it

Weekly round-up: Project Helidon, Linkerd 2.0, Java, and Jib

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, we explored the new JAX Mag, Project Helidon 1.0, and Linkerd 2.2. Also, we explored the how Clojure and Kotlin are a great fit for the JVM, Jib 1.0 is ready for production, and more!

It's just a draft though

JEP draft: Type operator expressions in the JVM? Could happen soon!

A new day, a new potential feature. How do you feel about extending the space of JVM type descriptors to include type operators? If everything goes well, this might soon become reality. Let’s have a look at the draft submitted by John Rose, JVM Architect at Oracle.

The initial Loom prototype is now publicly available

Project Loom: A trend to watch in the JVM ecosystem

Project Loom was introduced last year and now the initial prototype is publicly available. The goal of this project is to add a new concurrency tool to the Java toolkit: fibers. Let’s have a closer look at this project.

Gives you all the tools to exploit the "Write Once, Run Anywhere" principle

Asity is here chirping *universally reusable web fragments on the JVM*

Since summer is well upon us, how about taking a quick trip to exotic Madagascar to meet some sweet asity birds? Or, we can just build universally reusable web fragments on the JVM with Asity, a lightweight abstraction layer for various web frameworks on the Java Virtual Machine that makes the long-lived “Write Once, Run Anywhere” concept a fascinating reality!

Use the right language for the right job

Avail: Articulate programming on the JVM

Looking for a language suitable for solving complex software programming problems? Avail boasts a statically typed programming language meant to elucidate difficult problems in clear expressions.