See what’s new in JUnit 5.6

JUnit 5.6 release brings new features for Java unit testing

The latest version of JUnit has arrived. The Java unit testing framework has performance improvements, new features and minor bug fixes on board in v5.6, but breaking changes have been added as well. Let’s take a closer look and see what has changed for JUnit’s three modules.

The latest features

JUnit 5.4.0 release enhances the next generation Java testing framework

JUnit 5 released with much fanfare, and the updates just keep on coming. Now, the latest version 5.4.0 adds some new features, bug fixes, and breaking changes. Come see what’s been added and improved upon. New to JUnit 5? There’s no better time than now to upgrade and start with this popular unit testing framework.

The list is long, really

JUnit 5.3 arrives with lots of updates in tow

A few months after the 5.2 release, one of our most favorite testing frameworks is here with another update, packed with a long list of new features, bug fixes, and improvements. Let’s take a closer look!

The future of testing on the JVM

JUnit Lambda – The Prototype

Nicolai Parlog shares what some crowd-funded backing and a committed group of Java test enthusiasts can produce in the first instalment of JUnit Lambda. Before work begins on their alpha version, Parlog takes a look at the basic features of the project.

Interview with Johannes Link

Crowdfunding for JUnit Lambda is underway

With JUnit’s crowdfunding campaign gaining traction, we’re all for further development of the popular unit testing tool. Johannes Link reveals in this JAXenter interview where the problems currently lie with JUnit and how these might be addressed in a possible JUnit 5.0.