Watch Ben Dechrai's International PHP Conference session

Opening Doors with JSON Web Tokens

How do you grant remote access? Everyone is aware that the Internet of Things is full of security holes. In this interactive talk from the International PHP Conference follow Ben Dechrai and discover how JSON Web Tokens and a few other tricks can create a rock solid security system.

Highlights of the long-awaited update

MySQL 8 makeover: RC1 is now available on GitHub

The long awaited update is here and there’s so much to see. This makeover is more than just a shiny new coat of paint on MySQL. But don’t worry: MySQL still offers the same great database management system, except now it works even better with modern applications.

Java JSON API framework

Crnk 1.0: Crank up the development of RESTful applications

Crnk, a new open source project which allows developers to focus on what really matters —their applications, provides an end-to-end solution for RESTful application development that integrates well into the Java ecosystem. In this article, Remo Meier, senior software engineer at Adnovum Informatik AG gives us an overview of the Crnk framework and its benefits.

A new Sync project

What can Spring Sync do?

A new Spring project has seen the light of day. Spring Sync has arrived to facilitate the communication between client applications and Spring-backends. How exactly does it work?