Does this look like 9000 rubies?

JRuby 9000 has landed and its the biggest yet

The newest version of JRuby, codename 9000, is accompanied by Ruby 2.2 compatibility, a new runtime, native operations for much of IO as well as some versioning changes to boot – the result of a lot of work, time and commits by 104 contributors.

Filmed in front of a live JAXconf audience

Invokedynamic: Changing the JVM forever – JRuby’s Charles Nutter

You’ve heard the noise… invokedynamic is changing the JVM forever. What is it? How does it affect you? Where will it take the JVM and Java developers in the future? JRuby and JVM Guy, Charles Nutter has all the answers in this JAXconf session. He gives us a JVM 101, divulging in its intricacies and tells us why it will never be the same after invokedynamic. Filming courtesy of Marakana Tech TV –

Filmed at JAXconf

JVM JIT for Dummies – JRuby Guy Charles Nutter

You think you know all there is about building apps for the JVM. You’ve used all the cool tools. You’ve written your own persistence library or web frameworks. Maybe you’ve even implemented a JVM language. But do you really know what happens to your code after you hand it off to the JVM? This JAXconf talk from the JRuby Guy Charlie Nutter will explore the guts of the OpenJDK VM, Hotspot. He’ll discuss how it the JIT in the JVM works and how to monitor it, how to find problems with the output or resulting assembly code, as well as dumping assembly. Filming Courtesy of Marakana Tech TV