A new rebel alliance

JRebel 6.0 has arrived

Zeroturnaround have announced the first major update to JRebel since June 2012. We asked founder Jevengi Kabanov what enhancements the JRebel team have created in the past two years.

The world on time

Continuous Delivery: Yevgeni Kabanov on “FedExing” your commits

When you send a package through FedEx it goes through a tracked, automated process to ensure the package arrives promptly at the destination. The same should apply to every commit you make. Continuous delivery describes how this process can be made fully automated and transparent. Yevgeni Kabanov (Zero Turnaround) shows you how your commits can be “FedExed” to production on application servers like JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic and others with the help of Jenkins and Live Rebel. Filmed at W-JAX in Munich.

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