Interview with Tracy Miranda, Director of Open Source Community for CloudBees

“In the history of the Jenkins project, we’ve had 8 vulnerabilities reported with co-ordinated disclosure deadlines – all in the second half of 2018.”

The past year has been a marathon for open source projects with multiple vulnerabilities being discovered. We caught up with Tracy Miranda to discuss security from Jenkins perspective in 2018 and how they plan to apply what they learned from these in the new year

Exploring Java 10

Join the Jenkins & Java 10 online hackathon

Jenkins requires Java 8 as there are some known compatibility issues with higher Java versions. However, the time has come to do some serious Java 10 investigation and have some fun while at it! Why not participate in the Jenkins & Java 10 online hackathon?

Trivial pursuit

How well do you know your Jenkins trivia?

We’re back with a new programming pub quiz! This week, we’re testing your knowledge about Jenkins. Do you know everything there is to know about this provider for automated software solutions?

Interview with James Dumay, lead contributor to the Jenkins Blue Ocean plugin

Inside Blue Ocean – the new UX that’s getting the Jenkins community excited

To many dev teams, Jenkins is synonymous with continuous integration (CI), automating the mundane tasks of integration, test and build for projects – the very thing founder Kohsuke Kawaguchi created it for, in the underbelly of Sun and Oracle. However, as more organizations adopt Jenkins as their engine for continuous delivery (CD), broader teams with varying degrees of technical skills demand a more bespoke and succinct user interface. We talked to James Dumay, ‎Senior Product Manager at CloudBees and lead contributor to the Jenkins Blue Ocean plugin, about the need for Blue Ocean and what to expect from it in the near future.