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The survey also shows that Clojure devs are more experienced

Clojure devs are all about Java 8 and functional programming

What’s the state of the Clojure ecosystem in 2019? According to Clojure’s annual survey, Clojure devs are still in love with Java 8 and use it for web development and open source. We take a closer look at the 2019 results to see what’s really going on in this functional programming language.

Time to make a choice

End of life comes early for JDK 8

Changes are a-coming for Java. The switch from a feature-based schedule to a time-based release of the JDK has its pros and cons. But what does this mean for JDK 8? Simon Ritter explains how this new schedule means that developers may have to choose between stability, security, or cost.

Live from JAXConf 2013

Making the Future of Java…Together – JAXConf 2013 Keynote

Georges Saab, VP of Java Development at Oracle kicks off JAXConf 2013 with his keynote on the future of Java. George will provide a glimpse of the future showcasing the vast opportunities that Java provides, as well as detail Oracle’s continued commitment to, stewardship of, and investment in Java technology. Filming courtesy of Marakana –