Comment: Oracle On The Road To “Write Once, Run Anywhere?”

Vice President of Development at Oracle, resurrected the old Java paradigm of “Write Once, Run Anywhere” during the Silicon Valley giant’s 27th January webcast, where Oracle unveiled their plans for Java ME and Java SE. Oracle proposed the unification of the SE and ME APIs, which would make it possible to write applications once, and then run them on a variety of devices – from mobile phones, to flat-screen TVs, to desktop computers.

Commentary: Apple and Oracle – The Day Of The Systems

This Wednesday is a strange day for the IT world.

Today, Apple is finally ready to introduce its new tablet, after over nine months of speculation. Full of childlike anticipation, we wait for the man in the polo neck to present it later today.

Also nine months ago, Oracle first announced its plans to acquire Sun Microsystems. After an agonising wait, the EU has finally given the deal the go ahead. Larry Ellison has chosen this same day to deliver his five-hour long statement on the Oracle/Sun situation.