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2 Fast 2 Furious – What happens when Agile becomes an obsession?

Those who rise to become an Agile Enterprise do not automatically achieve greater competitiveness. Gone are the days when a team could be called agile by accomplishing five releases per year – today truly agile companies create multiple releases per day. The problem is that the majority of agile teams are tuned for speed, innovation and change, but few are focusing on actual results. Stephen Burton of AppDynamics discusses this within his JAX-Keynote – what happens when companies become too focused becoming “Agile” and how this obsession can even make an end of the business. Stephen gives practical tips for developer teams can handle agility properly

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NoSQL is not necessarily radically scalable” – Tim Berglund at JAX 2012

Cassandra, Voldemort, Riak, MongoDB, Neo4j – today, there are a variety of different database systems which do not follow the object-relational model and are grouped together under the label “NoSQL”. IT generalist and principal software developer at the August Technology Group, Tim Berglund provides guidance of the NoSQL landscape, in conversation with JAX-editor Claudia Fröhling. Tim also gives fascinating insights into the complexity theory, a new discipline which relates phenomena of nature, sociology and mathematics to computer science.