Watch Sebastian Springer's iJS 2017 session

Web performance – From zero to hero

In order to optimize your webpage, you have to understand the workflows a browser performs in order to display a page on the screen. Nobody likes to wait for web pages to load in the browser so take out your pen and get ready to take some notes from Sebastian Springer on how to use some tools and best practices that will make your life, in terms of performance, easier.

And still has much to offer

Devs have spoken – jQuery is here to stay!

After GitHub announced their decision to decouple from jQuery, we had a discussion on whether the museum is calling for this legendary tool. In the poll attached to that article, 429 of you voted and the decision is final: jQuery is here to stay!

Hurry up! Prices go up on Thursday

International JavaScript Conference 2018: Early Bird special offer ends Thursday!

Are your calendars marked for the International JavaScript Conference 2018? If you would like to dive deeper into topics such as DevOps, Angular, React, Node.js, web development and more, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to meet top JavaScript experts. Hurry up, save up to 299€ and get a free tablet; Early Bird offer expires Thursday, September 13.

Watch Geertjan Wielenga's JAX London 2017 session

Finally, Enterprise JavaScript is easy!

Is enterprise JavaScript really that hard? Or is it really usable in the context of enterprise applications and as the basis of front-end browser-based applications? Watch Geertjan Wielenga’s JAX London 2017 session and find out all the answers you need.

It's me, your Uber driver

Uber joins the framework race with Fusion.js

Everyone knows Uber for their ride-sharing app, but what about frameworks? Meet Fusion.js, a new open source web framework from Uber. Focused on building lightweight apps, this framework uses plugin-based architecture to get the job done.

Alive and well

Is JavaScript still relevant?

The question of JavaScript’s continued relevance, having first appeared in 1995, finds an answer in its continued popularity, its ease of access, and of course adaptability as a programming language. In this article, Shusetsu Toda explains why JavaScript is alive and well and what role it has in blockchain’s journey into the mainstream.