The state of web development

Why JavaScript is so essential to modern development

Love it, hate it, or neutral on it, JavaScript has had a big hand in making the web what it is today. What makes JavaScript such an essential language to modern web programming? In this article, go through a brief history of JavaScript’s creation, its competition, and some of its drawbacks in modern programming.

Watch Lenz Weber's International JavaScript Conference session

The State of React’s State in 2019

Lenz Weber’s International JavaScript Conference talk highlights the different types of state occurring in modern React applications and give recommendations on how to approach them with the tools currently available, with an outlook on the near future.

How much is too much?

npm news: Public registry acceptable use limits set

While 99.9% of npm’s public registry users fall within the range of acceptable use, the outliers will have to take action by either limiting their requests or purchasing the Enterprise edition. The new, clarified rules of npm’s acceptable use are listed on their blog and will be enforced starting this month, September 2019.

Getting familiar with React Native

React Native – A popular framework for building Native apps

React Native is a JavaScript framework for mobile apps based on the React JS platform. It’s used in building popular apps such as Pinterest, Tesla, and Bloomberg News. Some of its features include ease of use and code reusability. In this article, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons to decide if this framework is right for your work and your app development.

Improve web app performance

9 tips for developers to improve JavaScript performance significantly

The balance between the readability of the code and its optimization should be maintained at all times. You should never compromise the performance of an application over its development time. Rushing through the process for the sake of achieving faster time-to-market will make matters even more complicated.

Watch Tamar Twena-Stern's International JavaScript Conference session

International JavaScript Conference – A Journey into Node.js Internals

Ever wondered what “Single process with event loop” or “Non blocking IO” mean? Is Node.js really single threaded? How do the event loop and other internal mechanisms of the platform really work? Node.js veteran Tamar Twena-Stern gave a talk at International JavaScript Conference that answers all these questions and more.

JavaScript is going to the birds

Feathers 4: JavaScript and TypeScript framework creates real-time apps

The latest release for Feathers is here! Feathers is a web framework for real-time applications and REST APIs for JavaScript and TypeScript. It works with any backend and supports over 15 databases out of the box. Find out what this framework can do for you and what the new update includes, and how you can start creating a production-ready app or start a prototype.