Three heads is better than one

The badass trio: Agile, JavaScript, and startups

Why do so many startups fail? Startups being successful and turning into startup unicorns like Airbnb, Uber, or Slack isn’t just by chance! Why don’t we put the three – Startups, JavaScript, and Agile – together to create a badass trio that is hard to defeat?

First JavaScript Magazine is all about Angular

The new JavaScript Magazine – now available as free download

Our new JavaScript Magazine offers a comprehensive overview of JavaScript topics. The first one is Angular: From feature development to typical code smells and interviews, the magazine covers everything that has to do with the trending framework. Download now for free!

Compile Java to WebAssembly & JavaScript

CheerpJ 2.1 adds more features for bringing Java bytecode to the web

CheerpJ 2.1 has arrived with several updates on board for bringing Java to the web. CheerpJ is a tool that comes with a full Java 8 SE runtime environment. It is designed to compile Java bytecode into JavaScript and, since version 2.0, which was released two months ago, also to WebAssembly. Let’s take a look at the latest maintenance release.

Watch Sebastian Springer's International JavaScript Conference session

Progressive React Apps

In Sebastian Springer’s International JavaScript Conference session, he discusses Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with React. Take a look at the steps involved that turn an ordinary browser application into a fully-fledged PWA in this informative presentation.

See what's planned for npm

GitHub is acquiring npm

The package manager npm was initally released ten years ago and is used by millions of JavaScript developers today. It is now being acquired by GitHub—which itself was purchased by Microsoft two years ago. What does this latest step mean for npm users? Let’s take a closer look.

Watch Cornelia Rauch's International JavaScript Conference session

State Management in Angular: From Facades to NgRx and back

In this session led by Cornelia Rauch, you will learn more about the topic of single page applications and their application states and see how you can integrate state management into your Angular applications to make them maintainable long-term.

TensorFlow.js survey by Google AI researchers

Web developers don’t need a math degree to get started with machine learning

Google AI researchers conducted a study among 645 users of TensorFlow.js, a framework for machine learning with JavaScript. The goal was to find out what motivates software developers to get started with machine learning, what they expect from ML frameworks and what challenges they face. Let’s see what the survey has brought to light.

Last week's highlights

Weekly Review: New JVM language Concurnas, Istio 1.5 & RedMonk rankings

Every Monday, we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. Last week, the creator of Concurnas presented the new JVM language in detail. We also welcomed the latest Istio release and the first RedMonk ranking of 2020—and we showed how embracing compassion, respect, and empathy can make you a better programmer.

Watch Juan Herrera's International JavaScript Conference session

The most infamous code smells in Angular Applications

Join Juan Herrera, Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies, to learn the most villainous code smells you will find in most Angular applications, along with an elegant solution for each one of them. Watch this session from the International JavaScript Conference.