It is challenging and fun to create a website that works without JavaScript

The power of the HTML form

In this post, Joy Clark, a consultant at innoQ claims that we don’t need JavaScript if we have a fundamental understanding of HTML forms and HTTP and explains how an HTML form works.

A world without JavaScript would be unthinkable

CSSX : The marriage between CSS and JavaScript… and its magic

What is CSSX and how does it work? Why are developers already enchanted by the perspectives it offers? Rajiv Patil, co-founder of Nimblechapps, explains why CSSX is slowly becoming a buzzword. The only downside — it may take some time to get used to it.


Web tales: JavaScript —The next runtime platform?

In this article, Niko Köbler advances an interesting idea: s JavaScript on its way to become —just like the JVM— a universal runtime platform? It may be that the JavaScript community is now exactly where we, in the world of Java, were 10-15 years ago.

Are you tired of being....tired?

4 tips to resist JavaScript fatigue

JavaScript fatigue initially revolved around React but it eventually started to spread and swallowed the entire JavaScript community. Being a bandwagon jumper and trying to use all the latest tools will inevitably lead to JavaScript fatigue, but here is how to resist it.