Overview of the 2019 State of Vue.js report

What’s in store for Vue.js?

The latest version of the State of Vue.js report is live and it brings some valuable insights into the state of the Vue ecosystem as well as what the team has in store for the future. Let’s have a closer look.

Plus poll results: Is Ember still relevant?

Ember 3.8 brings a couple of new features and some important fixes

The new release of the Ember project arrives with a couple of interesting new features and some important updates. In this article, we take a closer look at what’s new in Ember 3.8 and we present the results of our previous poll on the discussion around Ember and if it is a relevant tool in the JavaScript ecosystem. 

Interview with Roger Poon, creator of the JS++ programming language

JavaScript typing done right: Is JS++ the better TypeScript?

Roger Poon started JS++ eight years ago with a deep understanding of corner cases that he doesn’t believe the TypeScript team can rival. This is why Roger believes JS++ is the better option whether you need to write a simple library or if you need backwards compatibility with a large, complex, legacy enterprise codebase. Let’s have a closer look at it!