Interview series — Part 2

JavaFX 11: What’s changed, and what’s stayed the same

Now that JavaFX 11 is here and a new era has begun, it’s time to take a look back and a leap forward. If you’re wondering if the “new” JavaFX is worlds away from the “old” one, keep reading because our interviewees will answer this question and more.

Interview series — Part 1

JavaFX 11: First impressions, a look back and a leap forward

Now that JavaFX 11 is here and a new era has begun, it’s time to take a look back and a leap forward. We invited Johan Vos, Jonathan Giles, Dirk Lemmermann and Donald Smith to weigh in on the latest release, how the community should adjust to the latest developments and more.  

Plus a new OpenJFX community site

JavaFX 11 is here!

JavaFX 11 has arrived with a new OpenJFX community site in tow. The GA version can be downloaded by going to the site or by accessing javafx modules from maven central at openjfx:javafx-COMPONENT:11.

In case you missed it

Weekly round-up: JDK 12, OpenJFX 11, Project Helidon & more

Every Monday we take a step back and look at all the cool stuff that went down during the previous week. JDK 11 is right on our doorstep but that’s no excuse to chill! The tech world is moving fast and we ‘re in for the ride! Last week, we had some more JDK 12 updates, a new Java project from Oracle and much more!

Not surprising at all that the OpenJFX modules will be decoupled from the core

JavaFX as a separate module: A look back and a leap forward

How has JavaFX evolved since it was announced at JavaOne in 2007? Was decoupling JavaFX from the JDK an inspired idea? In this article, Johan Vos weighs in on the news and explains why it makes perfect sense to move the development of JavaFX to an open system.

Framework free!

e4 on JavaFX

What is e4 and why is it different on JavaFX? In this article, Tom Schindl explains how you can develop applications and write 100% framework-free business components with e4 on JavaFX.

A library to implement JUnit-Test for JavaFX applications

FX-Test: A replacement for TestFX or just another option?

You might already be familiar with TestFX so you’re probably wondering why FX-Test was created. Well, you should know there are multiple reasons why the latter was created. Keep in mind that there are no releases yet.

Making your life as a developer easier

Taking a closer look at JavaFX

JavaFX is now part of the Java SE 8 SDK. In this article, Java Champion Johan Vos gives us a quick overview of this essential framework and explains why you should use JavaFX instead of Swing.