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Poll: Should Java EE be developed independently from Oracle?

The discussion about the current state of Java EE continues. We’ve asked some Java EE Guardians to comment on the future of Java EE and whether the community should take over the reigns. Now it’s time to ask you the following question: Should Java EE be developed independently from Oracle?

Interview with Spring's Oliver Gierke

“Previously Spring was deemed proprietary — now the entire Java world is upside down because Oracle loses interest in Java EE”

The future of Java EE 8 seems to be rather foggy at the moment. We’re talking to Oliver Gierke, the lead of the Spring Data project at Pivotal, formerly known as SpringSource, and member of the JPA 2.1 expert group, about Spring 5, the situation of Java EE 8 and whether the community can take over Oracle’s responsibility.

A lightweight and modular Java EE 7 Application Server

IBM Liberty: Modular and solid as a rock

Do you actually want to read an article about a Java EE application server? If you agree that the Java EE Stack is still a pillar of modern IT and think that application servers should be reliable, standards-compliant, but also innovative and cool, then Java/Java EE veteran IBM has something to offer — which may come as a surprise to some. This article provides an overview of IBM Liberty, what makes the application server special and why you should work with it.