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Take a look at 26 key Java 9 features

What’s brewing in Java 9?

Big changes are going on with the Java platform. In this excerpt from Mastering Java 9, Dr. Edward Lavieri and Peter Verhas go over 26 key changes to Java 9 features you need to know.

Let Java 9 rock your world

How Java 9 will change your life

Java 9 was the culmination of years of development, updating this old favorite to the needs of the modern internet. But what do we mean by modern, anyways? In this article, Richard Gall explains why modern means refined, advanced, and convenient… and how Java 9 is all of these things.

Interview with Marcus Biel, CleanCode Evangelist and JCP member

Java 9: “Project Jigsaw is finally giving us a badly needed Java seatbelt”

Oracle recently announced the general availability of Java SE 9 — even though it has over 150 new features to offer, the star of the release is the Java Platform Module System, also known as Project Jigsaw. We talked with Marcus Biel, CleanCode Evangelist and JCP member about his favorite features in Java 9, the ones that were not included, Project Jigsaw and the new version numbering scheme.

JDK 9: Pitfalls for the unwary

JDK 9 is almost here and there are so many new features to discover. In this article, Simon Ritter, speaker at the upcoming JAX London conference, explains some of the issues that you need to be aware of when migrating your apps to JDK 9.

Counting down the days

Top 9 improvements and features in Java 9

Java 9 is coming soon. Are you ready for all the new features this release will bring? In this article, Denis Danov goes over the top changes to this essential ecosystem, including the new module system, changes in the language and syntax, and more.

Four-month extension of the JDK 9 schedule

Java 9 delayed to July 2017: “Jigsaw needs more time”

The release of Java 9 could be delayed to July 2017, according to Mark Reinhold, the Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle. Although there has been significant progress on Project Jigsaw, “at this point it’s clear that it needs more time.”