Interview with Howard Green of Azul Systems

If there are no feature differences between OpenJDK builds and Oracle JDK binaries, why would anyone choose to go down the proprietary path?

A more rapid cadence has been desired almost since Java’s inception — now that it’s finally happening, Java could get the boost it needs to be on a par with more modern languages. We talked with Howard Green, Vice President of Marketing at Azul Systems about Java 8’s “End of Life,” the transition from OpenJDK builds to Oracle JDK binaries and how developers should prepare for the next chapter.

Interview with Stephen Colebourne

Java 9 and beyond: “Modules are very much a feature for the long-term”

Stephen Colebourne, Java Champion and JAX London speaker is very excited about the upcoming Java 9 release and the imminent modular future. Project Jigsaw should have been a major feature of Java 8 but now it’s ready for public display. Therefore, it’s time to consider how it might affect existing and new codebases. We talked to Stephen about the new Java 9 and the star of the show, Project Jigsaw.

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Top 10 Java stories of August

Ah, August. Everyone goes on holiday to enjoy the hot summer days and starry summer nights. Find out what you missed in the Java world this month! We go over our top stories of August – the latest news on Angular 5, the best open source skills for job hunting, and the ongoing Java 9 saga.

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JAX Magazine: The answer to Java 9 and modularity

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Java? How about blockchain, DevOps and microservices? If you want to learn about emerging technologies or dive deeper into topics you’re already familiar with (I’m looking at you Java 9), what better way to do that than to go straight to the source? Open the magazine and allow the experts to shower you with information!