Mini-series: Part 2

Manual on Java 11: Does Java 11 tick all the right boxes?

New Java release, new series! This time, we invited eight Java experts to share their best and worst experiences with Java 11, the hacks they discovered so far, their tips & tricks and more. By the time we’re done with all the parts of this series, it should look like a manual on Java 11.

First LTS release in the new six-month cycle

Java 11 is here!

Java SE 11 (JDK 11) is here but that’s definitely not the only reason to celebrate: This is also the first LTS release in Oracle’s new six-month cycle. Let’s have a look at the highlights.

From one LTS to another

Poll results: It’s one big leap forward towards Java 11

As JDK 11 is almost upon us, now is the best time to revisit our topic on migrating from earlier JDK versions. Public updates for Java 8 will remain available for individual, personal use through at least the end of 2020 but business users won’t be that lucky — the ‘public updates’ tap will be turned off in January 2019. Where do we go from here? Earlier this month we introduced a poll to find out what developers think it would be their best option for migrating from JDK 8 to JDK 11. The results are in!