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Test your Java knowledge and win big

Fancy taking on a Java challenge?

The UK’s first gamified Java challenge is here. Think you’re up for the task? Compete against other Java experts from the UK and answer tough trivia questions. Infomentum’s online Java challenge is open for registration and the competition is heating up.

Next stop: Public Review Ballot

Java 11: Public Review Specification is out

Java 10 was released less than a month ago but thanks to the new six-month cadence, all we can think of right now is Java 11. Speaking of the next Java version, Public Review Specification is out — you’ve got until May 7 to download it.

Jakarta EE Community Survey: Results are in

Jakarta EE takes the cloud-native Java path

The results of the Jakarta EE community survey revealed that cloud-native development is a top requirement in the platform’s evolution, alongside the need for a faster pace of innovation on the Jakarta EE platform. Users’ wish has been granted! The Eclipse Foundation unveiled the new open source governance model and a “cloud-native Java” path for Jakarta EE.

What languages do developers prefer for IoT solutions?

IoT Developer Survey 2018: Less talking, more doing

The 2018 IoT Developer Survey is out and offers interesting insights into the future of IoT solutions and trends. Here we compare the 2017 and 2018 survey results and analyze any significant changes, including the most suitable programming languages and new technologies (*cough* blockchain *cough*).

If you have a commercial license, you've got nothing to worry about

No more public updates for Java 8 business users after January 2019 [Poll]

Public updates for Java 8 will remain available for individual, personal use through at least the end of 2020 but business users won’t be that lucky — the ‘public updates’ tap will be turned off in January 2019. This post also contains a poll — we would appreciate if you could take a few seconds and fill it out.

7 different ways to optimize your memory consumption

7 ways to capture Java heap dumps

Useful for optimizing memory consumption, a heap dump is a snapshot of the memory of a Java process. In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explores seven different options to capture heap dumps.

Java not the center of the (now-defunct) JavaOne universe anymore

Oracle Code One: The new and improved JavaOne?!

Another day another Oracle-related news. JavaOne is gone but fear not — it has been replaced by Oracle Code One, a conference for *all* developers. This means that Java is no longer the center of the now-defunct JavaOne universe anymore.

Modularity is here to stay

Top 10 books on Java 9 and modularity: A must-read for every Java developer

Java 9 public updates are officially over, Java 10 is here and Java 11 is almost upon us. But modularity, as introduced in Java 9 is here to stay! And so are the books covering issues related to the Java 9 release. Here is my top 10 list of the books that can offer a solid foundation for working with modularity in Java; a must-read for every Java developer.

Java 10 interview series — Part 4

Java 10 after 9 is fine; Java 10 after 8 (or earlier) be feared

Java 10 was released a few weeks ago but we’re still dissecting its most important feature(s), the features that didn’t make the cut and the migration process. Now we’ll find out how our 11 interviewees feel about having two feature releases per year and how the migration process looks like depending on the Java version you’re currently using.