My project is a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy…

GitHub may be a clone club, but Java code is the most original

GitHub is all about sharing code, so it makes sense that there’s a certain amount of code-copying on the site. However, recent research suggests that over 70% of the code on GitHub is just duplicates. While Java wins points for originality, all of the languages surveyed have a surprising amount of project plagiarism.

Interview with Bob Quillin, VP, Oracle Container Group

Introducing Fn: “Serverless must be open, community-driven, and cloud-neutral”

Fn, a new serverless open source project was announced at this year’s JavaOne. There’s no risk of cloud lock-in and you can write functions in your favorite programming language. “You can make anything, including existing libraries, into a function by packaging it in a Docker container.” We invited Bob Quillin, VP for the Oracle Container Group to talk about Fn, its best features, next milestones and more.

Version-string scheme for the Java SE Platform and the JDK: Proposal

Back to JDK 10: “Most feature releases should contain at least one or two significant features”

Two weeks ago, Mark Reinhold offered three alternatives for the new version-numbering scheme. Now it’s time to present the specific proposal. In short, “JDK 10 is a feature release, JDK 10.0.1 and 10.0.2 are update releases with compatible bug fixes, and there is no interim JDK 10.1 release since in this model the next opportunity to add features is JDK 11.” 

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Top 10 Java stories of October: Angular 5, JDK 9, ML and more

There’s a definite chill in the air as the days grow shorter and shorter. October is over, so let’s check in and see what happened. Last month, we read everything there is to read on Angular in anticipation of the release of 5.0. Also, the latest JDK 9 news, code repositories, and more!

More "standards", more problems

The proliferation of Java Garbage Collection logs standards

Garbage Collection logging is not standardized. And as time goes on, differing “standards” proliferate, leading to further fragmentation within the field. How can we fix this? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan goes over the latest attempt at standardization, the Unified JVM Logging framework.

Early Draft Review closes on November 23rd

JDK 18.3 Early Draft Review available for download

Mark Reinhold, the Chief Architect of the Java Platform Group at Oracle, has recently proposed the schedule for JDK 18.3. The milestone definitions are the same as for JDK 8 — there will be no “Feature Complete” milestone though. Early Draft Review is now available for download and will close on November 23rd.

An ode to absolute times

Version-string schemes for Java SE Platform & JDK: Oracle offers 3 alternatives

Last month, Oracle proposed a new version numbering scheme in order to emphasize the time-based releases. Not many people liked this proposal —to put it mildly— so Mark Reinhold is now offering three alternatives. You are encouraged to communicate additional information that’s relevant to the choice of such a scheme so speak now — a specific proposal will be made in about a week.

Interview with Marcus Biel, CleanCode Evangelist and JCP member

Java 9: “Project Jigsaw is finally giving us a badly needed Java seatbelt”

Oracle recently announced the general availability of Java SE 9 — even though it has over 150 new features to offer, the star of the release is the Java Platform Module System, also known as Project Jigsaw. We talked with Marcus Biel, CleanCode Evangelist and JCP member about his favorite features in Java 9, the ones that were not included, Project Jigsaw and the new version numbering scheme.