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Nobody puts Java in a container

What are the pitfalls about running Java or JVM based applications in containers? In this article, Jörg Schad goes over the challenges and how to solve them.

Interview with Per Lidén, ZGC Lead

ZGC: Making Java a more attractive platform for a wider set of applications

The Z Garbage Collector (ZGC) was designed with the aim to remove obstacles that have previously hindered Java developers from getting access to innovations and new features. Now that the project is open source, anyone can try it out on their workloads. Let’s allow Per Liden, ZGC Lead, to tell us what’s under the hood of this new project and what’s next for ZGC.

Looking back, looking forward

Year in review: Java in 2017

As 2017 draws to a close, it’s good to stop and take a look at how things have gone over the past twelve months. Today, we’re looking at Java: what happened this year and what’s next for our favorite programming language.

Move over, Python and R

10 reasons why data scientists need to learn Java

Python and R have long been the two languages said to have a hold on the data science world, but that’s not to say they’re the only languages worth using for data science. Java is, in fact, a great language for doing data science — in this article, Aaron Lazar offers 10 reasons why Java should be included in your next data science project.

Any takers?

Who will use JDK 9?

What are your plans for moving to JDK 9? Are you already in production or are we all just “thinking” about it? Simon Ritter believes that there are a few key reasons why JDK 9 will have little adoption in production.