This is where thread dumps come in handy

How to identify critical code path

If multiple threads execute the same code execution path, that code path becomes your critical path. In this article, Ram Lakshmanan explains why it’s important to identify critical code path, how to do it and offers a few best practices.

Highlights of the JVM Ecosystem Report 2018

Sneak peek into the status of the JVM ecosystem

Java developers gather round! It’s time for the ultimate look into the JVM ecosystem! The JVM Ecosystem Report 2018 is live and brings *tons* of useful and interesting data with it. Let’s take a closer look at some of the highlights

Innovative language features for Java - Part 1

Manifold: The reinvention of code generators

This is the first in a series of articles covering Manifold, a unique, open source technology you can use in any Java project to enable cutting edge language features such as type-safe metaprogramming, extension methods, templating, and structural typing. In this segment, Scott McKinney discusses Manifold’s reinvention of code generators, namely Type Manifolds.

Use it properly and it will allow you to write better code

The dos and don’ts of Local Variable Type Inference

Local Variable Type Inference was undoubtedly the biggest feature in Java 10. Even though Java 10 is already old news, the enthusiasm for this feature has not faded away. If you’re still now sure why or how to use it, Oracle’s Brian Goetz recently wrote a FAQ. Let’s have a look!

Make your mark in Java

Assertions in the Java programming language

Are you ready for Java assertions? This fun feature of Java is used to define the boolean condition in a program. In this article, Adrian D. Finlay explores how developers can make the most of this condition and how they can avoid AssertionErrors.

Phase III has begun

Project Valhalla enters new phase

Project Valhalla has been around for more than four years but now that Oracle has a much richer base to build on, they’re ready for Phase III. Their next target is L2 and L10 is the target for a first preview. Let’s have a closer look at the state of Project Valhalla.