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Java 10: These APIs are as good as gone

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since some APIs have been deprecated for ages and have been superseded by newer APIs. While some APIs are as good as gone, others are eligible for removal in a future release but they haven’t been removed from this Specification.

The typical Java developer will be underwhelmed by the new Java 10 features

Java 10 and the emerging problem of release fatigue

With only six months between releases, can anybody be surprised that a new Java version will consist entirely of small-bore incremental improvements? And when it does, can anybody be surprised when nobody seems particularly excited by it? Here, Wayne Citrin talks about the emerging problem of release fatigue.

Better containerized JVMs in JDK 10

There is a significant amount of work going into JDK10 to support containerized JVMs. In this post, Oracle’s Matthew Gilliard will show how the next release of the JDK will be container-aware.

Eclipse, Kotlin and serverless will take 2018 by storm

Top 5 predictions for the world of Java in 2018

We’ve talked about how IT will change this year and what’s coming in terms of digital privacy and security but how about Java? In this article, John Duimovich, IBM Distinguished Engineer and Java CTO outlines his top 5 predictions for what to watch in the world of Java in 2018.

Let it flow in Java

How can you make design more recognizable? In the conclusion to his series, Denis Kuniß explains how a concrete Java implementation of an IODA Architecture based on a Flow Design is easier to achieve than you’d think.

I've had the time of my life and I've never felt this way before

Nobody puts Java in a container

What are the pitfalls about running Java or JVM based applications in containers? In this article, Jörg Schad goes over the challenges and how to solve them.