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What does SocketInputStream.socketRead0() API in Java do?

What does SocketInputStream.socketRead0() API do? Why is it showing up frequently in several thread dumps? Is it something that you need to be concerned about? In this article, Ram Lakshmanan offers some answers to these Java questions.

The second release after JFX got decoupled from the JDK

JavaFX 12 arrives with major enhancements

Only a week before the new Java release, we are welcoming the latest JavaFX version, the second independent release since JFX got decoupled from the JDK. Let’s have a quick look at the list of features it brings.

These are the error codes that haunt us

A beginner’s guide to Java programming nightmares

New developers make beginner’s mistakes. How can we support our newbie brethren so they don’t make a mess of our code? Georgi Minkov explores some of the more common Java mistakes and their solutions with a tour of the horrors of his own early code.

Help your projects pass with flying colors with these helpful open source tools

Top 5 Java testing tools

Testing, testing! This integral part of the development process is often given short shrift. Today, we’re taking a look at five of our favorite open source Java testing tools for unit tests, requirement tests, automated UI tests, and more!

Flexibility and control are the key words

Meet Spincast – A flexible Java web framework

Every day we see fancy tools coming out, featuring all the buzzwords in their descriptions! But sometimes, all you need is a simple tool that gets the job done. Spincast was created exactly for that! Let’s have a closer look at this framework.

Watch Brian Goetz's JAX 2018 session

Java language futures: 2018 edition

What awaits Java in the next couple of years? Join Java Language Architect Brian Goetz on a whirlwind tour of the language features under development in Project Amber.