An emphasis on performance and scalability

Istio 1.1 is enterprise-ready

It’s been eight months since Istio 1.0 was released so now it’s time to welcome the next version. The theme for 1.1 is Enterprise Ready, which means the team has worked hard to make sure companies using Istio will have a smooth ride.

Kiali works with Istio to visualize the service mesh topology

If you want to check in on the microservices in your Istio service mesh, Kiali’s got you covered

A match made in heaven? If you’re wondering what the microservices in your Istio service mesh are doing, Kiali’s got you covered. This new project helps you visualize the service mesh topology, and offers visibility into features like circuit breakers, request rates and more. Have we mentioned it runs on OpenShift and Kubernetes? Let’s have a closer look.

Interview with Brian Harrington, Product Manager for Istio at Red Hat

Istio 101: “The future of the service mesh is one which operates in symbiosis with technologies like Knative and Apache Whisk”

Istio is gaining a lot of attention especially now that 1.0 is here. But does it have what it takes to become the de facto service mesh for Kubernetes? If you ask Brian ‘Redbeard’ Harrington, Product Manager for Istio at Red Hat, the answer is yes. “With Istio, the deployment is straightforward and the integration with Kubernetes is top notch. It feels as if it should have been there all along.”