Watch Arne Blankerts' International PHP Conference session

Optimizing nginx and PHP-FPM – from Beginner to Expert to Crazy

In this International PHP Conference session by Arne Blankerts, find out all about optimizing nginx and PHP-FPM. From low hanging fruits to crazy, this session will show configuration tips for beginners, tweaks for experts and tricks for the insane.

Watch Arne Blankerts' International PHP Conference session

The future of authentication – WebAuthn with PHP

WebAuthn is coming and it’s going to make passwords and phishing a thing of the past. Are you ready? Arne Blankerts has got you covered – learn what it’s about, how it works, and how to leverage its potential for you today using PHP and JavaScript.

Watch Sebastian Struß's International PHP Conference session

Migrating from bare metal machines to AWS ECS

In his International PHP Conference talk, “Migrating from bare metal machines to AWS ECS”, Sebastian Struß talks about how AppLike moved from bare metal machines to AWS ECS (and vagrant to Docker in the development environment).

Watch Chris Holland's International PHP Conference session

A Case for Generics in PHP

Avoiding surprise-ducks at run-time… PHP 7 has brought us improved support for types, making us less reliant upon annotations. Yet we still can’t say function foo() : User[] What makes an array of users so special? What if we’d like to return a HashMap of a given key & value? We’ll explore use cases for defining composite objects and leveraging generics to avoid repeating ourselves.

Watch Marcus Bointon's International PHP Conference session

Hansel and Gretel do TLS – faster and more secure

Effective encryption is a vital component of a safe and secure internet, especially since the arrival of HTTP/2. Many sites and mobile apps still don’t use TLS to encrypt their traffic, often citing some kind of fear over the complexity of it all, or if they do, they make a mess of it, resulting in a literal false sense of security.

Watch Bruce Lawson's International PHP Conference keynote

How To Make Loveliness: an HTML treasure hunt

You’re a PHP ninja. You’re a React god. You’re a magician with Sketch. But if your code is assembling HTML to get delivered to a users’ browser, how much do you know about HTML’s semantics? Watch Bruce Lawson’s International PHP Conference keynote to learn more.