Who wins?

Performance vs. convenience: Desktop or browser-based IDEs?

Browser-based IDEs (integrated development environments) are increasing in popularity as their capabilities improve, but they still have a tough road to widespread adoption. Some of the obstacles are only speed bumps, while others are like oceans – there’s just no way around them. Desktop IDEs are comfortably on an island by themselves and it’s up to browser-based IDEs to find a way to bridge the gap.

Redefining the developer workspace

The evolution and future of IDEs

Being a developer today is perhaps more exhilarating than at any other time in history. We have incredible choice when it comes to languages and frameworks, and tools like GitHub and StackOverflow have connected millions to make sharing code and expertise simple and fast. These conveniences have allowed us all to spend more of our time being creative and honing our craft, rather than fighting with source code repos and ancient languages. But in this age of global sharing and constant collaboration, one of our most important development tools, the IDE, has remained stubbornly individual and private. Why?

Discovering Mars

The Top 10 new features of Eclipse Mars

It’s that time again – the next version of the Eclipse platform will be released this week. On June 24, Eclipse “Mars” will ship, combining 79 projects that have coordinated their updates for Platform 4.5. What can we expect?

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